Space Days - Star Wars inspired photographic experience.

A CjDuncan Photography Original Event.

October 20-22, 2017


Patrol the deck of the Empire's Battle Station, complete your Jedi training on the forest moon, join the alliance or go to the dark side in a galaxy a far away. Whatever your destiny, we can help you fulfill it.  Click here view session options.

Authentic, movie quality costuming is included with your session. The Dark Side or The Light, we have the fan favorites for both kids and adults. In addition, you will also be supplied with authentic sabers, blasters, pistols and more.  See a full list of characters and options here.

You're a fan, it's okay to admit. Now you can be in the action. Storyboards, books, wall art and a few specialty items have been created just for Space Days.

Space Days is a unique event only offered by CjDuncan Photography. Space days in designed to give you and  your family the most authentic experience possible. Sessions are limited.  Inquire here


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Pick the right session for you. We offer several options  to fit your desire and budget.

Travel the galaxy with stops at both the dark and Light side set along with a few top secret missions. Designed for families, sibling and friend groupings. 60 minute session.

Complete your Jedi training on the Forest Moon. Join the Alliance and help put an end to the Dark Side for good. Single person session 20 minute session.


The Force is strong in my family.

Space Days is an unique photographic experience for boys, girls, families and any Star Wars fan, young and old.  Exclusively at CjDuncan Photography.
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