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A journey to a galaxy far, far away.  Seriously, your session will include a trip to the costume room and a galactic experience that will be captured photographically by International Award winning Master Photographer--Cris j Duncan.  You will have the opportunity to invest in the images, artwork utilizing the images, digital files and gifts featuring the images after the event.  Credit for this is included in the session fee.




Episodes are single set, 20 minutes experiences for one person. You can choose either a Dark Side session inside the Empire's Battle Station or the Light Side session on the  Forest Moon.  With each of these a storyline will be developed.  This is a great option for a child who loves Star Wars.


Battle Station sessions are 40 minute experiences for up to two people. Use both sets and change costumes if desired.  This is great if you want more of a storyline and are thinking of having a book made of the experience or wall art as it will give you more variety.  If two costumes are used, the session will be split into two 20 minute sessions with a small break so you don't have to waste precious time changing.


The Saga is a 60 minute experience for 1-5 people with visits to both sets along with a special digital art experience.  This is designed for families, groups or those who really desire unique artwork for their home.  With the Saga, each person will also be photographed individually within the storyline.


All sessions include a  product credit, access to our movie quality costuming, props and a special invitation to our Space Days delivery day--this will be Halloween weekend and  includes a  special guest.


This depends on the session. It is our desire that this is a fantastic experience that you will remember for a long time and a great way to do that is with images. While we can not guarantee a certain number of images, we will have different poses, groupings and looks for each session that follows a storyline that makes sense with your character.  If you wish to have a greater selection of images, consider scheduling the Saga. Note: No images or digital files are included with the session.  They can be purchased during your private viewing session.




Every character took off their helmet at some point in time and they will here as well.  Don't worry, we will get some images with sparking eyes.




For Space Days, C j Duncan Photography is offering special, reduced rate collections and many event gift items such as posters, blankets, mugs, statuettes and other desktop trinkets.  Collections will start as low as 150.




C j Duncan Photography is a full service studio that specializes in portrait art.  Cris has painted since he was a a small child.  Typically, you can commission him to create a mixed media piece worthy of hanging in a museum.  With this event, we will be utilizing various levels of artistic vision to create unique pieces for you.  That may mean that Cris takes an existing scene and enhances it, that he photographs you against a gray paper and then paints a scene around that or...we don't know what he might create.  Special Media/Theatre room presentations will be available.  If this is beyond what you are thinking, don't worry.  It is just an option as is doing some simple 5x7 gift portraits.  We just want you to know it is available.




Absolutely!  If your child did the Jedi Academy at Disneyland or Disneyworld, they are the same ones that they used there.  If you didn't get up at the crack of dawn, fight through the lines and crossed your toes just right to have your kids be ones selected to go on stage, don't worry.  They will get an awesome experience here--with even better images.  :)

This time, you do not need to worry about that.  We have a wide variety of costumes in several sizes for you. Each character will have a few special requirements to make the scene the most believable. We have suggestions on our costume page of this website.  We do request that you wear an undershirt or a cami for your own comfort.  NOTE: Shoes and boots are not included with the costumes.  We have some in select sizes, but we can not promise that our shoes will fit you.  Inexpensive solid color rain boots in black or brown make great boots.   If you have any questions, just feel free to ask.  To see a full list of costumes and sizes available and items you need, click here.

Yes. While we do have several costuming options available, you are welcome to bring your own.  Choosing a side does not limit your character choice. Space Days is designed so that all costumes and sets work together, regardless of your allegiance. Heck, Even droids are allowed. To see a full list of costumes and sizes available, click here.




It's strange.  The moment you put a camera in your hands, you start to lose connection with the events around you.  You capture it, but you don't experience it.  We don't want you to miss out on anything.  You just get to laugh, relax and live the dream happening around you.  That being said, you WILL want to bring your camera with you to pick up your art, books, decor, gifts, etc.  There will be a special guest delivering your order.  There may even by a fun backdrop.  This will be when we get to put our cameras down and enjoy the moment while you document it.

Yes. You may schedule more than one episode, Battle station or saga. Each session scheduled will incur the associated fee for that session. If you wish to have multiple sessions, please contact us before hand and we can do our best to schedule them consecutively if needed.



The Force is strong in my family.

Space Days is an unique photographic experience for boys, girls, families and any Star Wars fan, young and old.  Exclusively at CjDuncan Photography.
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